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:: Tamil violence out of control ::

Feuds linked to organised crime as 36 arson attacks occur in 18 moths. 22 MAY 2002


..::Wembley Murder::..

We are appealing for witnesses and information regarding a murder in Wembley. 29 APRIL 2002

A man has been charged with the murder of a Tamil man who was shot dead in his own home. 6 MAY 2002


  Police Services UK  
:: Stabbing ::

Stabbing victim required surgery. A 21-YEAR-old man required surgery last week after being stabbed in the borough's busy bus station. 15 MAY 2002.


Did you witness attack.....

A Sri Lankan man suffered serious head injuries when he was attacked in Thornton Heath last week... Croydon Guardian 24th April 2002.


::News stories that contain kingsbury Murder ::

BODY-IN-PARK SUSPECTS HELD. THREE youths accused of murdering a teenager whose burnt body was found in Kingsbury Park appeared at the Old Bailey for the first time last Thursday ...9th April 2002.

Killed boy had secret plan to escape violent lifestyle (TIMES CHRONICLE SERIES)
A SRI Lankan boy whose battered and burnt body was found dumped in a park had planned to flee the borough in an attempt to escape the violent lifestyle of his friends...MARCH 27th, 2002

Park murder boy named (BBC News)
Police release the identity of an 18-year-old youth who was killed and set on fire and dumped in a park in north London....Mar 18


::Murder enquiry launched in Wembley::

Police have launched a murder enquiry after a man died in an attack in the street in Wembley on Sunday 17th June 2001.


::An emotional appeal for help::

Sellathurai Balasingham, a Sri Lankan Tamil, was bludgeoned to death on November 6 last week on the housing estate in Norbury where he lived. Croydon Guardian 16th November 2001


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